NGC 4885 Region


NGC4885 Region including a cluster of galaxies forming part of the Virgo and Coma cluster.  Including the PGC catalogue, there are over 200 galaxies in this picture ranging from circa 60 mly to 2.5 billion ly away.

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The lack of air traffic is fantastic (although Elon Musk’s satellites are a nuisance!). I pointed my scope at a very rich cluster of galaxies straight overhead at about 22:00 and imaged it as it passed over the house.

The stats are:

• Over 200 galaxies
• Ranging 60 million light years to 2.5 billion light years

• Virgo Cluster of galaxies – The constellation Coma Berenices contains the northern part of the Virgo Cluster of galaxies, sometimes called the Coma-Virgo Cluster. The cluster is located roughly 60 million light years from Earth.
• Coma Cluster of galaxies – The Coma Cluster of galaxies lies north of the Virgo Cluster, but is significantly more remote, between 230 and 300 million light years from the solar system. The Coma Cluster contains about 1,000 large galaxies and 30,000 smaller ones.