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I bought my first telescope in 2007 and quickly decided that I wanted to take images rather than just view objects in night sky. I have been lucky enough to meet likeminded people who have helped me through the years enabling me to move from very basic imaging (that none the less I was very proud of at the time!) to the more advanced imaging I can do now.

I have two setups that I use from my base near Colchester, Essex. I have a fixed observatory and a portable kit for going to shows such as Kelling Heath or just going out into the field.

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The fixed setup consists of an Altair Astro 10″ RCT fitted with a motorised Moonlite focuser, a QSI 683wsg-8 CCD camera, Astro Physics 0.67 reducer, with a Lodestar x2 guide camera fitted in off axis guider mode. The mount is Losmandy Titan 50. I also use a HitecAstro Mounthub Pro 4 to help keep the wiring under control.

For the portable setup, I have now have an astro modified Canon 6d, Primaluce Lab Airey 80mm refractor scope on a Skywatcher Alt AZ EQ5 mount, Pegasus EQMOD, with a HitecAstro Mounthub Pro 4 to ease the wiring jungle that can happen in portable situations.

I also have a Skywatcher Star Adventurer mount for wide shots of constellations etc. on which I use an astro modified Canon EOS 600d and a range of lenses to give me a range of wide field results.

Some of my pictures have been published in Sky at Night magazine over the years, but in April 2017 I won the monthly Sky at Night image competition with my image of the Rose Galaxy, which you can read about here.


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